Starting The Family Tree

A few months ago, one of my aunts on my father’s side re-piqued my interest in working on our family tree. There are quite a few brick walls in our tree, walls that both of us were curious about knocking down. Both of us wanted to go back further on one specific branch of the tree, while two of our cousins were heavily working on two other branches of the tree. While most of my family has dug around in books, libraries, courthouses and cemeteries for their information, I intended to hit the internet to see how much of our tree may already be out there.

Was I in for a shock.

Google is my friend, as I found out on my search. Many of my missing links were not missing at all. In fact a lot of the branches of my tree were fully developed, including a lot of documentation, just waiting for me to stumble upon them.

While I was raised as a German-Czech-American, seventh generation on my father’s side, second generation on my mother’s, I have recently found out that while it is true that I am German-Czech-American, I am also Scottish, Scots-Irish, Dutch, French, Italian, Basque, English, Spanish, possibly Arab, and Native American. So far, that’s what I’ve uncovered. I’m currently looking for the Mongolian/Chinese connection. My family has been in America, not only for seven or two generations, but since the founding of the country, and in the case of one of my far flung grandmothers, since The Great Migration. I’ve got revolutionaries, royals, religious zealots, fur trappers, and bastards running their course through my veins. Our tree has many twists and turns, and surprises.

So with this blog we start our documentation of our history, both our recent past and whatever we can dig up of our ancestors.

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