Letter From Grandma K. 1986

December 15, 1986

Dear Kim,

I got your letter and cards. It was good to hear from you and I’m glad you enjoyed Europe even if you are in the poverty lane right now. …

I am busy trying to get ready for Christmas Eve. I still have cookies to bake and grab bag gifts to wrap. I’ve been going over to Sara’s and helping her some. She has a pinched nerve in her hip and is in a lot of pain. They moved into the Concordia Apartments in Hannahstown and I’ve been trying to help them get settled.

Jody called the other day and said she passed her boards. She was all excited. Judy is doing pretty good in her schooling. …

Our weather has been pretty good. It is chilly but not too much snow. And as long as the roads are good, I don’t worry about the cold. I always hope it doesn’t snow till everyone gets home after being here on Christmas Eve.

I have gone to two Christmas parties this past week. One was my Sunday School class dinner and the other was 25 of my classmates from Butler High got together and had dinner at a local restaurant. Had fun just talking. We had our 55th reunion last July and the ones in around Butler have continued to go out & eat every once in awhile.

So you really liked Europe? I really expected you to find work over there and not come back. Pretty expensive over there, isn’t it? I hope you can save and go back to Italy someday.

I will mail you your afghan as soon as I get a strong box for it.

When you call on Christmas Eve, wait till 10 or after. Everyone goes to church first and some don’t get here till 9:30 or 10.

Write and let me know all about your trip and how you are making out now. …

Have a Happy Christmas. Say Hi to all of your friends and we will be thinking of you and waiting for you call on Christmas Eve.

All my love,
Grandma K.

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