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I thought of a few things to add to this family blog/book project over the last few days and rather than continue spamming you all with emails, I thought I would just create an “Administrativa” category to bring up ideas and issues. I should be able to hide this category when creating the final project, or it can be easily deleted if need be.

Historical Information and Essays:
If any of you would like to get your kids involved in writing, the editorial process, and family history research, let me know. I can dole out essay projects on our ancestors. Some of our relatives are relatively easy to write about – William Penn, for example was a first cousin and his bio is readily available online to research – others will take a bit more digging and research. And then there are also subjects to write about, like the Mennonites, Lutheranism, Pennsylvania steel mills, etc.

Family Tree on
If any of you would like access to my family tree on, just let me know and I’ll send you an invitation.

“If you came to my house today …”:
This blog/book project is focused on recording our family history as we know it now for generations to come, so they can get a snapshot of what kind of a family we were/are and so they won’t have such a difficult time of finding their family history stories, at least for our few generations anyway.

Since a lot of our get togethers are centered around food, it was just a given that recipes would be included in this project. Even dropping by Grandma K.’s house on a whim centered around food of some sort.

But I realized that in the future, the family might also want to know what we are cooking up now. So I thought I’d add a section for current recipes. If you’ve got something great on the stove, take a photo and post the recipe under the “Recipes” category.

Past, Present, and Future:
This blog/book project is a kind of time capsule. I’m hoping it sits around and gathers dust for 500 years, until the day someone finds the book in a storage box, or an attic somewhere, or even a library. It would also be nice if it was handed down from generation to generation, and added to on occasion. It wasn’t until I started looking for our ancestors that I realized how important it is to leave our stories behind. The stories of our present are just as important as the stories of our past. Don’t hesitate to tell them for the future.

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