Fish Friday

Every Friday Grandma K. would have fish for dinner. The fish usually arrived on the table in some sort of fish stick form, although I do remember a number of times that it was fried, or sauteed in butter.

We were a meat and potatoes family, and fish wasn’t meat … it was, well, fish. So stories had to be told to get us kids to eat it. According to Grandma, fish was brain food, it would make me smart – and that should be reason enough.

Just like when she said onions would keep me healthy and Grandpa Kradel would tell me that bread crust would grow hair on my chest. I never understood why Grandpa Kradel thought it was a good idea for for me to have a hairy chest …

I wasn’t at Grandma’s house every Friday. But I think the real reason Grandma K. served fish on Fridays was religious and even though she was Evangelical Lutheran and not Catholic, she observed the Fish on Friday fast. The Friday fast is not a fast from eating food, it is a fast from eating meat.

One thought on “Fish Friday

  1. Does anyone remember that when Grandma Kradel made tuna salad, she always added peas. I can’t remember why – if anyone does, please fill me in -, but it always struck me as very odd because I knew of nobody else that made tuna salad with peas.

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