Potatoes Tomatoes Corn

At any time when Grandma K. couldn’t think of what to make for dinner, she would go downstairs to the basement and grab a jar of tomatoes and corn that she had canned the previous fall.

She would then take the jar upstairs to the kitchen and make something out of it. She’d just heat it up and serve it on its own, cook it with lima beans to make succotash, or add it to soup.

I was out of things to make for lunch the other day and I realized that I had a can of tomatoes, some frozen white sweet corn, and a bag of Russet potatoes. I had a little chuckle as I thought, what would Grandma do?

So I chopped the potato into cubes, put them in a pot with some water and set them on the flame to boil. I opened up the way too large can of tomatoes, and got the corn out of the freezer.

When the potatoes were almost done boiling I got out the saute pan and put it over a medium flame, drizzled a little olive oil in it, and tossed in some dried basil, dried thyme, ground black pepper, and some salt.

When the pan was warm, I drained the potatoes and added them to the oil in the saute pan, stirring them around and coating them in the oil and herbs.

After a minute, I added some of the tomatoes from the too large can, and about a half a cup of corn – plus or minus, really, I never measure anything – but probably more because I love corn. I heated this mix up in the saute pan until all was warm, tossed it into a pasta dish and took the above photo.

Potatoes Tomatoes Corn was simple and plain and just fine for lunch! It would probably be tasty with some crusty baguette smeared with butter :)

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