Letter from Grandma K. 1986

Tues. morn

Dear Kim,

I’ve been listening to the weather conditions in California & am wondering if you are in the flooded sections. It certainly looks terrible out there.

I got yarn the other day and got started on your afghan. I hope to have it done by the time I have to start cleaning house. Seems like this time of year I have to find something to put in the time.

It was foggy here today you can’t see across the road. We had a lot of snow last week & as it is about 56F out it is melting fast. I’ll be glad to have Spring and sunshine once more.

… Amy seems to be doing ok. I haven’t seen her since Christmas Eve. Judy calls every once in awhile …

I haven’t been doing much this winter. I’ve been sewing quilt tops for church & not much else till I got the yarn for your afghan. I’ve been able to get out all winter – we haven’t had any real big snows & they have kept the roads pretty clear. …

Kelly is getting married May 17th … Her little girl is a doll. She talks a blue streak & calls me “Kadel”. She will be 2 in a month.

Everyone is well. Susie & the girls were over last week. The kids are all growing so fast. They are all young ladies now. Melissa and her kids were here last night for “Potato Soup”. They love it – to come for soup – say it tastes better when I make it.

Are you selling any artwork?

Write & let me know what you are doing & if you are in the flooded area.

Do you still have your cat?

Grandma K.

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