Isaac Hermans op den Graeff: 1616 – 1679

Isaac Hermans op den Graeff, was born on February 22 in 1616 in Krefeld, Germany. He married Margaretha ‘Grietgen’ Peters/Doors around 1643 and they converted to Quakerism in 1679/80 with his entire family. Isaac emigrated to Philadelphia on The Concord with his wife and three sons, Herman Isaacs, Derick Isaacs and Abraham Isaacs (our 9th great grandfather), arriving on October 6th in 1683. Isaac’s wife Grietgen died within a month after their arrival, on November 11, 1683, in Philadelphia.

This Isaacs op den Graeff family was included in the first thirteen families that settled and founded Germantown. On a potentially negative note, it is thought in some lines of the family, Isaac Hermans Op den Graeff became the ancestor of all who bear the Op den Graeff name in this country, along with their legendary temperament and potential mental health problems. These problems could have come from either the op den Graeff or the Peters/Doors family lines, or both.

The writing of Isaac’s bio, and actually those of all of the op den Graeff family, is difficult to sort through. What is myth and what is fact? Researching this person and family can be related to untangling a ball of knotted up string, with intermarriage, convoluted naming schemes, potential – but not certain – royal ancestry, and poorly written histories.

How we are related to Isaac Hermans Op Den Graeff and his son:
Isaac Hermans Op Den Graeff (1616 – 1679) is my 10th great grandfather
Abraham Isaacs Op Den Graeff (1649 – 1731) Son of Isaac Hermans
Gertien Op Den Graeff (1681 – 1725) Daughter of Abraham Isaacs
Anna Adams/Addams (1714 – 1794) Daughter of Gertien
Jacob Adam Umstead (1745 – 1817) Son of Anna
Joel Tyson Umstead (1783 – 1870) Son of Jacob Adam
Reverand Richard Hunsberger Umstead (1821 – 1895) Son of Joel Tyson
Sarah Ann Umpstead (1846 – ) Daughter of Reverand Richard Hunsberger
Sarah A. Dunbar (1873 – 1940) Daughter of Sarah Ann
Alberta Claire Oesterling (1893 – 1976) Daughter of Sarah A.

The Concord left the Thames harbor at Gravesend on July 24th, 1683 and after an arduous two and one-half month journey, arrived safely in Philadelphia on October 6th, 1683. The ship carried 40 crewmen and 120 passengers. From — Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online


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Reference: Villandra’s files on rootsweb

4 thoughts on “Isaac Hermans op den Graeff: 1616 – 1679

  1. Hi Kimberly,
    I have recently restarted after many years my family genealogy. My Berks County PA family (Updegrove) is descendant from Johann Wilhelm Op den Graff ( 1732) and has been reported to be the son of Frederick(abt 1702), whose father was Adolphus (abt 1653) son of Isaac(1616) your 10th g-grandfather. I have seen many WEB sites stating this linkage and would like to ask you if you are aware of your Isaac(1611) having a son Adolphus ?

    Thank you,

  2. I am not aware of that and haven’t found an Adolphus listed anywhere either as Isaac’s son or brother, or as Isaac’s brother’s son in my searches. Issac is both my 10th great grandfather and my 10th great grand uncle (twice!)

    I list this Isaac op den Graeff’s (1616-1679) children as Herman Isaacs, Derick Isaacs, Abraham Isaacs, Margaretha “Margrit”, and Jacob.

    But my op den Graeff part of my tree is far from complete, so keep searching!

  3. Hi Kimberly;

    Have enjoyed very much the tracking and stories of the Upthegrove’s et al versions. Have you perchance ever come across
    those Updegrove’s or variations who may have emigrated to Canada.

    My Great Grandmother was an Upthegrove and her son, my Grandfather mentioned tales of his mother’s frequent journeys along with cousins when they returned to the Pennsylvania area for family reunions.

    The favoured christian names of various relatives which show up in the searches here are John and William.

    Many Thanks for providing the web site. Do you use Paypal?

  4. I know that variations of this part of the family name are in Canada, but I haven’t yet researched them as potential cousins. I am so far removed from this part of the family, and my connections to them – through at least three lines – are so confusing, as is the family story, that I am a bit intimidated by this part of it, but I do want to delve deeper into it. Maybe I should look into it some more.

    Because we are so far removed, we haven’t known about any of the family reunions.

    Yes, there is a PayPal button down below in the footer :)

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