The Naturalization Of First Germantown Settlers

March 7, 1691

Thomas Lloyd, Deputy Governor of Pennsylvania, granted naturalization to 62 of the first settlers in Germantown. This made them a subject of the British crown and all freemen.


Francis Daniel Pastorius and of sixty-one persons more.

German Town.


“William Penn, Proprietary of the Province of Pensilvania, &c. By the King and Queen’s authority. To all to whom these Presents shall come. Sends greeting, &c. Whereas, Francis Daniel Pastorius, Jacob Telner, Dirick Isaacs Op de Graef, Herman Isaacs Op de Graef, Tennis Conderts, Abraham Isaacs Op de Graef, Jacob Isaacs, Johannes Cassels, Hewart Papen, Herman Bon, Albertus Brandt, Jacob Schumacher, Wolter Simens, Dirick Keyser, Arnold Cassel, Dirick Keyser, Jr., Jan Lensen, Jan Duplouvys, Peter Schumacher, Peter Schumacher, Jr., Isaac Dilbceck, Jan Doeden, Abraham Tennis, Willm Rittenghuysen, Claes Rittinghuysen, Johannes Custers, Henrich Buchholts, Isaac Jacobs, Matthis Jacobs, Wiggerd Levering, Isaac Schoffer, Clas Tamsen, Hans Milan, Dirick Sellen, Hendrick Sellen, Paul Wolff, Lenart Arens, Arent Klincken, Paul Kastner, Willem Streipers,.Koendradt Backer, Viet Scherkes, Hans Peter Umstad, Anthony Duplouvys, Heinrich Kesselberg, Reinert Tissen, Jan Lucken. Peter Klever, Heinrich Frey, Hans Andrees Kramer,’Jurgen Schumacher, Isack Schumacher, Peter Kurlis, Gerhard Levering, Johannes Bleikers, Herman Op de Trap, Dirick ‘op de Kolck, Cornelis Siverts, Reinier Hermans, Anthony Loof, Andrees Souplis, Jan Williams, High and Low Germans, Inhabitants and owners of land in German Town and in the County of Philadelphia, being foreigners, and so not freemen. according to the acceptation of the law of England, have requested to be made freemen of the said Province, pursuant to the Powers granted by the King’s Letters patent and Act of Union and Naturalization, &s, made in this government. Now, Know Ye. that for the further Incouragement of the Industry and Sobriety of the said Inhabitants and for the better and further Security of their Estates real and personal, to them and their heirs, They, the said Inhabitants. having Solemnly promised upon Record in the County Court of Philadelphia, aforesaid, faith and Allegiance to William and Mary, King, and Queen of England, &c., and fidelity and lawful Obedience to me, according to the King’s Letters patent, aforesaid, I do declare, and by these presents Confirm them the said Inhabitants before named, to be Freemen of this government, and that they shall be accordingly held and reputed in as full and ample manner as any person or persons residing therein. And that they, the said Freemen, have liberty and freedom hereby to trade and traffick in this Colony or in any of the King’s Dominions and Plantations, as other good subjects may lawfully do without any manner of Lett,.Hinderance or Molestation Whatsoever. Witness: Thomas LLoyd, Deputy Govern’r of the Province of Pensilvania, &c., given at Philadelphia, aforesaid, with the assent of the Provincial Council, the Seventh day of the third-month, Anno Domi, 1691, and in the third year of the reign of King William and Queen Mary over England, &c.”

The document was recorded in the Rolls Office in Philadelphia on the “thirtieth day of the third-month”, that would be March 30th, 1691.

A number of our relatives, both direct and indirect, are included in this document.

* * * * *

Reference: This document was found online at the Rittenhouse Genealogy site.

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  1. Hi Kimberly,
    I am searching for info on Hendrick Sellen’s family when he was in Germany. We know he was in Pennsylvania in Dec. 1685. However, we have not been able to determine if the Hendrick Sellen who was baptized Oct. 1666 is the same person. We cannot find any of his other family members in the baptismal records. Do you have any info about Hendrick Sellen before he came to Pennsylvania?

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