The John Oesterling Homestead


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The house stood on a hillside and the barn was built above it. These buildings were built of logs hewn on the home farm. The outside walls were of conventional log and mud construction with clapboards partially covering the logs. The house, which was built on a hillside, snuggled against the hill in the back and had a high front porch across the front. Inside there were originally two large rooms – a kitchen and living room, but later the kitchen was divided so that a dining room was available. From the kitchen a stairway led up to the second floor where the children slept. A stairway also led from the kitchen down to the wonderful cellar where the potatoes, root vegetables, apples, and all other supplies were kept which fed the large family living in the house. Another unheard of luxury was that of having the spring under the same roof with the rest of the house. The living room was a large room and served as a bed room for part of the family. In fact it was more of a bedroom than a living room for it had two large beds, a trundle bed and a cradle. A large open-front coal stove heated this room and gave out not only warmth but light. Coal mined on the farm was used for heating and cooking. Just outside of the kitchen John built a large bake oven. Every week this was fired and the family’s supply of bread, kuchen, pie and cake was baked. Baking usually took most of the day for once the oven was heated all baked goods for the week had to be baked.

As of 1949, by actual count 82 descendants of John and Elizabeth Oesterling had been born on the land originally belonging to this homestead.

Reference: This description was lifted from The Oesterling Family History, written by Sarah Bachman

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