John Dunbar, Sr.: 1755 – 1803

1755 – 1803

We don’t really know any details about the life of John Dunbar, Sr. except that he was married to a woman named Hannah and came from Scotland before his son John was born in Pennsylvania in 1780.

The colonial western frontier was mainly settled from about 1717 to 1775 by mostly Presbyterian settlers from northern England border lands, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, fleeing bad times and persecution in those areas. Most initially landed in family groups in Philadelphia or Baltimore but soon migrated to the western frontier where land was cheaper and restrictions less onerous. — Demographic History of the US, Wikipedia

The Dunbars in Scotland were, and still are, a large clan. Searching the genealogy of the family prior to their arrival in America is difficult at best. Most Dunbar families try to link their genealogy to the famous Earl Gospatric who was given the lands of the old barony of Dunbar, now in East Lothian, around the year 1072 by King Malcolm III. The name Dunbar comes from the Gaelic dun meaning fort and barr meaning summit or hill.

How my generation is related to John Dunbar, Sr:
John Dunbar (1755 – 1803) is my 6th great grandfather
John Dunbar (1780 – 1833) Son of John
Stephen Dunbar (1819 – ) Son of John
Ananais Dunbar (1843 – 1877) Son of Stephen
Sarah A. Dunbar (1873 – 1940) Daughter of Ananais
Alberta Claire Oesterling (1893 – 1976) Daughter of Sarah A.

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Reference: Demographic History of the US, Wikipedia
Reference: Clan Dunbar
Research will be added to this post as it is found.

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