Letter From Grandma K. 1985

April 24, 1985

Dear Kim,

I just looked at the calendar and I know this won’t get to you by the 26th so Happy Birthday a little late.

It has been so beautiful here. The last 2 or 3 weeks I have working outside & I lose track of time.

I have been picking up branches that have come down since last fall. I love to work outside & have had a fire going everyday.

Judy just called and said she and Michelle are coming down to visit. So I’m trying to think what to have for lunch. Thursday is the day I do my grocery shopping so my cupboard is rather bare. But I’ll find something to eat. I always do. I’ve always been used to company dropping in on me.

How did your showing turn out? Did you sell any artwork? Why do you hate the managing of it? Doesn’t that go with the showing?

Didn’t you say you have a bad back, or hip or something? (I can’t find your last letter). I hope it is better. Wasn’t it from doing African dancing? Have you given that up or are you still wanting to go to Africa?

Have you thought any more about the Peace Corps? I think that would be interesting.

David is doing six weeks of his student teaching in Austria, from October 15 – December 15.

Judy and Michelle are here. We just finished lunch & I sent them over to Melissa’s. …

So I’ve lost my train of thought and can’t seem to think of anything else to write.

Everyone is well. … Michelle is real cute. I don’t understand her vocabulary yet, but she seems to get what she wants. …

I think I have some poison ivy. All I do is scratch. I know there was Ivy where I was clearing brush yesterday but never gave it a thought as the ivy isn’t out yet.

Well, I hope your birthday was happy. What is this 27 or 28? I can’t remember. 28 I’d say, ok!

Write and tell me all about your life … Take it easy – work real hard & enjoy life.

Grandma K.

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