Five Planets In Retrograde

Today is my birthday.

On April 26, 1957 at 3:24am I was born just outside of Detroit with five planets in retrograde. Am I an astrology buff? In the same way that I’m a genealogy buff, I suppose. I am curious about it and have studied my chart from time to time to see if it matches up with the way my life is going. I read monthly forecasts, mostly to give myself hope and a bit of guidance about my day-to-day existence.

Recently I was wandering around the internet and found that someone had actually written up what it means for someone to have retrograde planets in their natal charts. Since I have five – Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto – and a True Node in retrograde, I was curious.

And while I do think that all things in the universe are connected, I was surprised by what I had found. It made me feel as if I had found an explanation for some things in my life, attributes that I had always wondered about.

Mercury Retrograde
Mercury retrograde suggests that I may be dealing with old lessons about the negative consequences of uninhibited speech. Isn’t that kind of hilarious? I’m known for just spouting whatever comes to mind. I thought I inherited that aspect from Grandma K! It also means that I express myself better in writing than in speaking – so true!

Mercury retrograde people tend to absorb thoughts and ideas through osmosis rather than by careful, deliberate study. They are their own best teacher and have a tendency to question what others accept as gospel. Mercury retrograde people are more capable of dealing with abstractions and impressions. — Molly’s Astrology

Jupiter Retrograde
Jupiter retrograde suggests that I have doubts about what I deserve and because of that I find it easy to settle for crumbs. Which is a bummer, because I think that is true, and it overrides having both Mercury and Venus in my second house which should bring wealth.

Jupiter retrograde also means that I have a very rich internal life. I actually make my own luck. I wish that I could always remember that! Abundance is felt within as I search the world looking to discover truth and develop a broader philosophy of life and living.

It’s all about experiences and adventure. I know when I’m traveling that I feel this aspect more than when I’m not. I’ve always thought that if my everyday life flowed like my traveling life did, I’d have one amazing life. Maybe it’s time to bring those two aspects of my life together.

This is the aspect where it’s telling me that the power of positive thinking works in my life.

Jupiter retrograde people are capable of taking advantage of opportunities that others ignore or pass by. They prefer to “take another crack” at things others have tried and failed at. Their moral and ethical code, their religion and philosophy are their own. They seek answers from within rather than subscribing to the standard dogma. They seek abundance in new, untried and unproven areas. — Molly’s Astrology

Saturn Retrograde
Saturn retrograde indicates that I am likely to have been abused by those with power over me, perhaps having faced unfair situations at home. Probably no need to go into detail on that one. I may need to declare personal boundaries in order to work out conflicts with authority on a karmic scale. Could this be why I moved 3,000 miles away from home? Hmmm…

Saturn retrograde people nearly always have grave doubts about their worthiness as human beings. They can be very childlike in their behavior and fearful of taking chances. This aspect is ego-reducing kind. There is usually a subconscious fear of rejection and of loss and their limitations and responsibilities are self-imposed. This is probably the most difficult retrograde to be born with. — Molly’s Astrology

Neptune Retrograde
Neptune retrograde indicates that I could feel inhibited by the harsh realities of the physical world, choosing to spend a lot of time in my own imagination. Daydreams could replace active participation in life inhibiting my ability to realize my potential in the areas of life represented by the house where Neptune is placed.

Neptune in my chart is in Scorpio in the 8th house. This is where my spirituality and psychic and mystical abilities are defined but also, this position deals with business and partner finances – You will not have much profit through partnerships or inheritances; although the latter may come, there will be unforeseen impediments to actually receiving anything. Your “partners” may handle your finances in a deceptive or fraudulent way.

Neptune retrograde people are frequently confused inwardly as to whether they are virtuous or not. They persistently seek to help others, whether their help is wanted or not. They are more susceptible and more easily taken in by others. — Molly’s Astrology

Pluto Retrograde
Pluto retrograde indicates that I am here to learn karmic lessons about intensity, control, and struggles for dominance. It’s also about battles of egos. While I am wrestling with my own inner conflicts, outside forces are likely to upset my life – which I feel quite a bit.

I have to be willing to go to extremes and be prepared to drop the useless things and people in those areas of my life that are represented by the house Pluto is in. Every now and then I have to release what no longer serves me in order to regenerate my life.

Pluto is in my 6th house of health and work, of self improvement. It means, for one thing, that I can either transform myself through my work, or create utter chaos. That’s ok, because a lot of utter beauty comes out of utter chaos. Chaos is a theme that consistently comes through my artwork. I also think artists see chaos from a different perspective than most people.

Uranus is direct but worth noting
The thing I find more fascinating about that 6th house is my placement there of the direct planet Uranus, which says “Work and health conditions change suddenly and unpredictably. You need a lot of freedom in your job, detest routine, and enjoy trying out new ideas and techniques. Job opportunities seem to come out of nowhere, but you can also be terminated with little or no notice. There can be spontaneous remission from disease and chronic health problems.”

End Note
Another note about the above retrograde Neptune in the 8th house – it indicates that death will come either while sleeping or while in a coma. So if that comes to pass, you read here first, folks :)

The lesson of the retrograde is not to give up hope in the real world, but to bring out the beauty that is prominent in the inner landscape. Mercury retrograde people are not stupid – they just think and think and think, but may not ever tell you that they have figured out the fabric of the universe … Jupiter retrograde people are constantly soul tripping inward, expanding the awareness of the philosophies of the universe — the inner universe … Saturn retrograde is the individual who has a hard time finding [people], that really understand him.The generality is a person who has authority figure problems. — Gregory Nalbandian

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