Herman Isaacs Op Den Graeff: 1644 – 1704

1644 – May 2, 1704

The Krefeld Reformed Synod received complaints that these former Mennonites no longer practiced baptism or the Lord’s supper (claiming these were entirely spiritual matters), held separate meetings, and for some irritating reason would not doff their hats even when greeted in the street.

Just how angry this made some Krefelders was evidenced by the expulsion of the new Quaker, weaver Herman Op den Graeff, and five other persons by armed men who led them out of the city. After the Quakers had cautiously returned, they were re-expelled, with a local deputy swearing by his soul’s salvation that if they came back again he would personally see them whipped and branded. After they had nevertheless slipped unobtrusively back into their homes, still another Krefeld Quaker, Johannes Bleijckers, who failed to tip his hat to two of his neighbors, was thrown down, kicked and dragged by his hair until he was too seriously injured to walk. So we will not be surprised to find both Herman op den Graeff and Johannes Bleijckers, three years later, sailing toward America in search of another society.

Herman was one of the original 13 heads of household who settled in Germantown. The small group of German Quakers arrived in Philadelphia 6 Oct. 1683 on the Concord after the voyage from Gravesend. Herman came with his wife Lisbet van Bebber, his mother, his two brothers, Abraham and Dirck, and possibly his sister Margaret. The Op den Graeffs were evidently a family of means since they were able to buy 2000 acres in Pennsylvania before sailing. — From Maintaining the Right Fellowship, by John L. Ruth

How I and my cousins are related to Herman Isaacs Op Den Graeff:
Herman Isaacs Op Den Graeff (1644 – 1704) is my 9th great grand uncle
Isaac Hermans Op Den Graeff (1616 – 1679) Father of Herman Isaacs
Abraham Isaacs Op Den Graeff (1649 – 1731) Son of Isaac Hermans
Gertien Op Den Graeff (1681 – 1725) Daughter of Abraham Isaacs
Anna Adams/Addams (1714 – 1794) Daughter of Gertien
Jacob Adam Umstead (1745 – 1817) Son of Anna
Joel Tyson Umstead (1783 – 1870) Son of Jacob Adam
Reverand Richard Hunsberger Umstead (1821 – 1895) Son of Joel Tyson
Sarah Ann Umpstead (1846 – ) Daughter of Reverand Richard Hunsberger
Sarah A. Dunbar (1873 – 1940) Daughter of Sarah Ann
Alberta Claire Oesterling (1893 – 1976) Daughter of Sarah A.
Florence Elizabeth Keck (1914 – 1999) Daughter of Alberta Claire

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