Oesterlings Hold 70th Reunion At Family Home


July 8, 1957 Butler Eagle, Butler, Pennsylvania

OESTERLING FIVE GENERATIONS–Tiny Kimberly Ann Kradel, is the fifth generation of the Albert H. Oesterling family pictured above. With Mr. Oesterling is his daughter Mrs. Clarence Keck, shown holding Kimberly Ann; his grand-daughter, Mrs. Harry Kradel; and his great-grandson, Donald Kradel. The family reunion was held July 4, at the Ralph H. Oesterling home at Butler R.D. 2, marking the 70th annual Independence Day reunion of the clan held at this location.

Descendants of the late Adam and Elizabeth Forcht Oesterling held their annual reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Oesterling of Butler R.D. 2 on July 4, marking the 70th Independence Day reunion to be held at this location by this branch of the Oesterling clan. Adam Oesterling was the son of John and Elizabeth Ripper Oesterling, who originally settled this tract of land.

Adam Oesterling acquired the farm at the death of his father and in 1887, his sons initiated the Fourth of July reunion, which has been held without interruption since that date.

More than 100 attended this year’s gathering. Four of Adam Oesterling’s children were present. They were Albert H. Oesterling, who still resides on the original homestead; Paul Oesterling of Wilmerding,; Adolph Oesterling of Alhambra, California; and Mrs. Lillian Moore, of New Castle.

These four, together with Mrs. Amelia Nicholas, Mrs. Edith Miller, and Mrs. Laura Thompson make up the seven surviving first cousins of the family.

There are now five generations in the Albert H. Oesterling family. They include Albert H. Oesterling, the great-great-grandfather; Mrs. C. E. Keck, the great-grandmother, Mrs. Harry T. Kradel, the grandmother; and Donald A. Kradel, who is the father of tiny Kimberly Ann Kradel.

Robert Oesterling’s son, Timothy Von, born just two weeks ago, makes the 99th living descendant.

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