Picnic Food: Mom’s Macaroni Salad

The last recipe in the week of Miracle Whip picnic salad recipes is Mom’s Macaroni Salad. I remember Mom making this one to take to Grandma’s Sunday picnics. She would make a big batch of it and take it to the picnic in the “Big Yellow Bowl”.

When I asked her for the recipe, she said that she makes it differently now, but I made her give me the original recipe for retro’s sake.  Which is kind of like everything, isn’t it? We all make things differently now.

Mom’s Macaroni Salad

Small Batch Ingredients:
1/4 of a bag of Elbow Macaroni
2 hard-boiled Eggs
1/2 cup or less chopped Onion
1 stalk of Celery, sliced and chopped
1/2 of a Cucumber
4 teaspoons of Sweet Pickle Relish
4 big tablespoons or so of French Salad Dressing
4 big tablespoons or so of Miracle Whip
A lot of Black Pepper (to taste)

Boil the macaroni until it is al dente.
Don’t over cook the macaroni! You don’t want it to get mushy.
Chop the onion into small bits.
Slice the celery twice lengthwise, then chop the three strips into small bits the same size as the onion.
Slice and chop the cucumber.
Chop up a hard-boiled eggs.
Drain the macaroni and run cold water over it to cool it down and stop them from cooking.

Put the cooked and drained macaroni, the celery, the onion, cucumber, and the egg into a large salad bowl.
Sprinkle with salt.
Sprinkle with black pepper.
Add the French Dressing
Add the Sweet Pickle Relish.
Thoroughly stir until well mixed.
Put in the refrigerator to chill for a few hours, or overnight.
This lets the macaroni absorb the French dressing a bit.

Take it out of the refrigerator.
Add the Miracle Whip.

Thoroughly stir until well mixed.
Serve chilled.

Voila! A nice side salad for your picnic meal.

Note: When I was a kid, this salad was served as is. Just like Potato Salad, I could eat buckets of the stuff. When I made this yesterday, I found that it was tastier as one big scoop on a bed of mixed greens and sliced tomatoes.

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