Shopping For Clothes

I was out shopping for clothes today – a task I am not really inclined to do unless absolutely necessary. Once I find something I like I usually purchase two or three copies of it, just because finding stuff I like is so difficult.

While Grandma Kradel’s taste in clothes tended to be light blue and often times floral, and my other grandmother, Gram’s Bures was always dressed to the nines when she went out of the house, I tend to like very plain and simple clothes. White or black shirts, black pants or jeans, clunky shoes, or at least ones I can take off running in. I tend to dress comfortably. I don’t like ruffles or other embellishments very much.

Since I’ve been working on the family tree, I’ve been really wondering how many of my likes and dislikes are really genetic, rather than me actually having the free will to choose what I like. It occurs to me that if I wasn’t so modern, I could probably be quite comfortable in an updated version of a Mennonite or Amish uniform.

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