Another Year

Over the years, Grandma Kradel would bemoan the fact that there was less and less time from one Christmas to the next. As she finally finished packing up after last year, it became time to unpack for the next.

I, on the other hand, thought that it was at least one eon from one Christmas to the next …

And now I’m not quite the age Grandma was when she started making these observations, but I do see her point.

It was a year ago that we started this blog, when I amped up my research on the family tree, and decided to collect stories from everyone about growing up in our family. The collecting has gone a lot slower than I had anticipated, and the time a lot faster.

I know that I said that we were going to collect stories and histories for a book and give it one year to compile, but I think we need more. So, without a vote, I’m extending this project for another year, unless I get a flood of stories and photographs in my inbox really soon.

Next year though, I am going to start writing about the other side of my family too, while continuing to post on the Kradel-Keck-Oesterling side. If a book is going to be compiled, it will all be sorted out then.

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