Oesterling Family Reunion

I didn’t get an invitation this year, but my sources say that the Oesterling Family Reunion will be held on Saturday, August 17, 2014 at Butler Memorial Park.

I remember a few of these reunions from when I was kid. I think we had to stop going to them because I was such a misbehaver :) I remember Dad explaining to me how we were all related, but back then it didn’t make any sense.

If anyone decides to go – please report back!

6 thoughts on “Oesterling Family Reunion

  1. How do you find out about the Oesterling reunion? Is there a contact person? My father 1-6-1-5-1 went often while growing up and I have a reunion picture from the early 1930s. It would be very interesting to go sometime. My number would be 1-6-1-5-1-1. I also now have a grandson 1-6-1-5-1-1-1-1. The Oesterling’s line continues.

  2. The only way I know of is to ask someone who goes to them. For instance, my aunt does, and that’s where I got the information for this post. If you are in Butler, I am sure if you start asking around, you’ll find someone who knows the details.

  3. 1-6-2-1-3-2 is my Oesterling number, a descendent of Catherine Matilda Oesterling who married James Spencer. I have been in contact with Tim Lockley and am eager to become an active participant in “things Oesterling.” I, too, am curious about Oesterling reunions, as is my daughter Karyn Stone Simonelli, 1-6-2-1-3-2-1. I will follow your site as well as the ancestry.com tree for more information. Thanks for all you’ve done in continuing the Oesterling lineage and keeping it alive.

    • Hi, just read your questions about the reunions. I am Kim’s Aunt. We don’t have a complete reunion anymore. I am 1-7-6-1-2-5 and our forefather was Albert. Our reunion is in August every year…usually the 3rd Sunday. I do notice in the Butler Eagle announcements for other Oesterling reunions, but really don’t pay that much attention. The numbers a dwindeling as to how many show up. Most of the original cousins are gone…only 2 or 3 remain and the younger crowd doesn’t seem to know each other like the older relations did. Guess it is a sign of the times.

  4. I was wondering if any of you had pictures from the reunion? My grandparents passed away 2004 and I was wondering if anyone had any I can get so I can cherish the moments we had together.

    Earl and Shirley Oesterling

    Thank You

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