Oesterling Family Reunion


I didn’t get an invitation this year, but my sources say that the Oesterling Family Reunion will be held on Saturday, August 17, 2014 at Butler Memorial Park. I remember a few of these reunions from when I was kid. I think we had to stop going to them because I was such a misbehaver…
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A Better Idea Of Where


Above is a map of the area just south of Darmstadt where much of the German tree comes from. I used our newly found ancestor, Johann Peter Oesterling, to make a pinpont – which the map did automagically on the town of Fränkisch-Crumbach, where Johann Peter Oesterling was twice married, and I think the map…
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The Mystery Has Been Solved, I Think!


Oh John Oesterling, you man of mystery. The puzzle of your origins may have been solved. The only thing we knew about the Oesterling origins was that John, Peter, and Leonhard’s parents last names were Oesterling/Kradel. At least that’s how they have been written in every tree that I’ve come across. I had been given…
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Adam Oesterling


July 12, 1837 – December 28, 1912 Note: I found the following posted publicly on ancestry.com which is why I’m putting quote marks around it. I think it may have been taken originally from the Oesterling family history book that my Aunt Sara wrote. I’m not sure. You will also see the Oesterling numbers associated…
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Elizabeth Forcht Oesterling


April 18, 1842 – May 6, 1895 For awhile I thought that Elizabeth Forcht might be a brick wall in our tree as the Oesterlings seemed to focus on connecting to their namesakes and not so much on the people that married into the family. I couldn’t find much information on her other than that…
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The Oesterling Number

Everyone in the Oesterling clan has a number. I always thought it was a weird German thing, that we quickly know our place in the family by the number we held. I’m sure this system came about because this line of the family was so large and it was hard to remember who belonged where….
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