Oesterlings Hold 70th Reunion At Family Home


July 8, 1957 Butler Eagle, Butler, Pennsylvania OESTERLING FIVE GENERATIONS–Tiny Kimberly Ann Kradel, is the fifth generation of the Albert H. Oesterling family pictured above. With Mr. Oesterling is his daughter Mrs. Clarence Keck, shown holding Kimberly Ann; his grand-daughter, Mrs. Harry Kradel; and his great-grandson, Donald Kradel. The family reunion was held July 4,…
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An Oesterling 4th of July


Sarah Keck (Martha’s Mom, standing), Sarah Dunbar Oesterling sitting on Sarah’s left 4th of July always meant the Oesterling Family Reunion when I was a kid. This wasn’t the BIG Oesterling Reunion with all of the clans, it was just a get together of the immediate family of Albert Oesterling. Albert and Sarah Dunbar Oesterling…
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My First Family Photo


I was being passed around and around the room, from person to person. The room was a mosh pit of friendly hands reaching out to hold me. From the oldest to the youngest, I was there for some sort of celebration. Every now and then a flash of light would blind my eyes. A very…
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Abigail Lawrence: 1739 – 1805

May 7, 1739 – October 2, 1805 Abigail, along with her twin sister Mercy, was born in Weston, Middlesex County, in Massachusetts on May 7, 1739. She is sometimes recorded with a birthday of May 9th. She is the daughter of William Lawrence (May 20, 1711 – July 11, 1774) and Mary Perry (Parry)(September 7,…
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The Romance of John Train and Margaret Dix

The demand for servants among the earliest immigrants to Massachusetts Bay Colony is demonstrated in an order of the Court of Assistants of 1 March 1630/1: … Further, it is ordered, that whatever person hath received any Indian (Native American) into their family as a servant shall discharge themselves of them by the 11th of…
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Leonard Oesterling Farm c.1883


Leonard Oesterling April 18, 1831 – September 22, 1916 How I and my cousins are related to Leonard Oesterling: Leonard Oesterling (1831 – 1916) is my 3rd great grand uncle Johannes/John Oesterling (1796 – 1865) Father of Leonard Adam Oesterling (1837 – 1912) Son of Johannes/John, Brother to Leonard Albert Oesterling (1869 – 1959) Son…
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John Dunbar, Sr.: 1755 – 1803

1755 – 1803 We don’t really know any details about the life of John Dunbar, Sr. except that he was married to a woman named Hannah and came from Scotland before his son John was born in Pennsylvania in 1780. The colonial western frontier was mainly settled from about 1717 to 1775 by mostly Presbyterian…
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