A Better Idea Of Where


Above is a map of the area just south of Darmstadt where much of the German tree comes from. I used our newly found ancestor, Johann Peter Oesterling, to make a pinpont – which the map did automagically on the town of Fränkisch-Crumbach, where Johann Peter Oesterling was twice married, and I think the map…
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Origin Of The Name Kradel

Kradel is not a common surname. Before the internet opened up, I could have safely said that I was related to anyone and everyone with the last name of Kradel. Now, I’m not so sure. Probably, but not sure. I once had a phone conversation with an Editor or an Assistant at a small publishing…
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In the early-to-mid-1600s Crefeld was home to a number of our families – the Op den Graeffs, the Tyson/Tiesen/Thiessens, and the Sellens. Crefeld sits near the Lower Rhine River almost on the Dutch border. Many of the names associated with Crefeld were of Dutch origin although the language spoken and written by our family members…
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