Fish Friday: Tuna Salad


Today’s salad didn’t show up at family picnics, but it was a staple of summer time lunches when we were kids, and is in keeping with this week’s theme on Miracle Whip. When we were kids, it was Tuna Fish Salad on Wonder Bread Sandwiches. These days, I like my Tuna Salad Sandwiches on toasted…
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Picnic Food: Cole Slaw


Cole Slaw is one of those veggie things from my childhood that I actually loved (as opposed to cookies, cakes, and pie :) While today there are many takes and variations on what Cole Slaw is and what Cole Slaw isn’t, this recipe is what it was when I was growing up. When I was…
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The Wonder That Is Miracle Whip


I won’t even tell you how long it took me, or how many stores I had to go to, to find a jar of Miracle Whip today. OK, three hours and seven stores. Well, that long and that many stores to find a jar that had an expiration date in the future. There are a…
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An Oesterling 4th of July


Sarah Keck (Martha’s Mom, standing), Sarah Dunbar Oesterling sitting on Sarah’s left 4th of July always meant the Oesterling Family Reunion when I was a kid. This wasn’t the BIG Oesterling Reunion with all of the clans, it was just a get together of the immediate family of Albert Oesterling. Albert and Sarah Dunbar Oesterling…
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The Table Cloth, Sunday Picnics, and Penny Ante

Who knows where Flossie came up with the idea? I think her siblings teased her about it at first, but then came to treasure the table cloth just as much as Flossie did. After World War II, family picnics became the summer Sunday tradition for the Keck family. These picnics continued until the family became…
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